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March 4
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

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Tall/Short Enough
Top Heavy
Green/Grey/Blue - depends on the mood I'm in
Reddish Brown
Like a bomb went off in a Plascon Factory
South African
I have plenty of political views and plenty of social and personal prejudices. I do not, however, value them.
Straight as an arrow ...
The only time my husband and I will have a simultaneous orgasm is when the Judge signs the divorce papers!
3 ... boys ... who drove me to drink ... I'll thank them later
If you don't have a (wicked) sense of humour ... don't bother talking to me .. AT ALL !!


Darah Joy ... Oh dear, does she have a way with words (of the erotic kind)
"Playing James" by Sarah Mason - The funniest book I've ever read!
All scary movies
Dexter ... (of course!) ... Revenge (of course) ... and many, many, many more !
Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) - now THIS is a man!
Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical ... all music in fact
Arno Carstens, He's THE best SA Artist ...
Extreme sports - bungee jumping, parachute jumping ... anyting that gets the adrenaline pumping !
The A Team
Skiing, parasaling, bungee jumping, tree top tours, enyting exciting !
Pasta, Wine, Sushi ...