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April 2
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
Not working now, hoping to see treatment in my near future.
Trust your basic instincts they are usually right!!

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Well I guess we are all in this boat together! Was diagnosed 1 year ago, and of coarse completly blown away as any normal person would have been. I am trying to find friends with whom I may talk to that understand this condition. I never even knew what it was, but I sure do now. One thing I know is I AM going to live I WILL see my grandchildren, and I once again WILL travel the world again, which is my greatest passion. God made a very big world and there is so much to see of it! There are lots of things I have to talk about and I also just love to listen. Making friends are of great importance to me and who knows maybe even more than that will come some day. But I am in no rush.


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