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March 24
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
Retired School Teacher / Health Care Administration / Caregiver to 92 year old Mother with Alzheimer's

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Just want to be healthy and happy again. Feel there is still work to be done and don't want to go before my Mother. Although she has told me to get ready and go on if I want to...said she wanted me to be happy....and told me just to have a cup for her when she gets there. She always loved a hot cup of coffee...If the Lord calls me to come home before her, she has no other family here for her. That makes me very sad! :) Mother is 92 in late stage of Alzheimers but still has some remarkable lucid moments. I will never regret the sacrificing my personal life to be with her....After she lived through twice in 2009 when doctors did not give her a chance, I made a commitment to her and to God to be with her until the end. She has been my life and I miss her not being at home so very much!!