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Athens, Georgia
I play a lot of golf, and I'm also an avid photographer. I enjoy anything outdoors, especially fishing and camping. I'm a big fan of team sports, and I'm somewhat of a baseball historian.
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
I design roof and floor systems for a truss manufacturing company. I've also served stints as a local newspaper editor and as a city/county administrator before settling on a career in structural design.
If you don't get along with others,they'll get along without you.
An old Jeep Wrangler...whooohooo. I also have a little red truck. Family car is an Expedition.
Dr. Charm

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Golf shirt and khakis. No socks.
Methodist, but was raised Baptist.
White guy.
Conservative, but Democrat. Don't get me started on politics.
Married...happily for 25 years.
Two boys....a senior in college and a senior in high school.


John Steinbeck, Thomas Wolfe
Non-fiction mostly, The Culture of Fear, Fast Food Nation, Of Mice and Men, I could go on...love to read
Golf Digest, Popular Photography, Sports Illustrated
American Experience, Big Break Series, Modern Family
Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Jimmy Stewart, Steve McQueen
The Beatles, Nick Lowe, Foo Fighters, REM, Elvis Costello, the Who, CSN & Y, Natalie Merchant, The Killers
Atlanta Braves, Ga. Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons
Edisto Beach, Jekyll Island, Jackson Hole
Rocky Road Ice Cream