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5 something heavy bent
white with some dark spots.
I like to post and try to answer all questions sent to me.
Low key, now my MS turned VERY NASTY! Use wheelchair 24/7 and need help to shower.
My helper is my wife of almost 50 years her name's Lourdes she's a gift from G*d!

p/d Maybe some of you know me, my heart resides in their personal support.
Jewish Sefardic.
Sefardites were expelled, killed, burn at the stake in Spain (where the biggest number lived), France and Italy.
My forefathers went to Northern Africa, and the Balkans specially Bucharest.
At sometime 2 or 3 Centuries ago decided to migrate to Cuba, Venezuela and Argentina. My mother was born in Turkey and from there, with her oldest sister and mother emigrated to Cuba.
I was born in Cuba but came with my parents to USA in 1957.
My father was a translator at the UN where he retired in 1997.
My mother was a translator Spanish, Hebrew, French, German and some arabic. She worked at Hebrew Consulate in NYC retiring in 1997.
As a side part-time boths worked in the official translations of the Cuban Consulate in NYC. This $ entrance was finished when the Revolution triumphed in Cuba.