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5 ft 7
Lil junk in my trunk!
black, with a bit of frosting
Jeans and tee-shirts when I'm feelin lazy
Born Southern Baptist, Raised on Do Unto Others,, and I am also learning the ways of my Father, the Cherokee.
3/4 Cherokee and 1/4 german, all Woman, and mostly country gal
I have no current stance
Commited Relationship
Two boys, Mike is 28, married to a wonderful girl , and they have my eight year old Granddaughter, Addisyn, and my 13 year old step Grandson. Justin is 27, , he is my youngest, dating an amazing young lady and he works a lot
Treat me like you would treat your sister, Respect me and you will get the same back, and don't say anything bad about my friends, family or kids.


Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, tons more... I love to read :)
Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, All the freaky scary stuff :)
All kinds, But I don't care for Rap, unless its smooth 80's Rap
Bon Jovi, Many More, just ask
The Lake,, any lake, doesn't matter where, just a cold drink near water with a fire, and I am good :)
Yogurt, Coffee, Peanut butter, lasagna