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Belle, MO (Native Texan, but got to SHOW-ME as soon as I could!)
January 22
Bible discussions; herbal medicine; needlepoint, crochet, knitting; trying new recipes
This too shall pass!
Life's too short!

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grounded... lolol
long brown with great silver streaks!!
LOL... jeans or joggers with t-shirts!!! & flip flops (or boots, if riding!)
Believer of the Holy Bible; follower of Jesus Christ
'merican!!! English, Irish, & Native American
All lies!!! Too bad they aren't concerned about credibility!!
The way God created it!
2 grown daughters; 2 son-in-loves; 2 granddaughters & 2013 brought a new grandson!!! Three 4-legged babies:1 dawg & 2 kitties
God has given me a heart for bikers... I was never any good with choosing "partners"... so I am waiting on God!!! I love "wind therapy" and really miss it! Would love to travel... collect thimbles from each state!!


Jesus, Apostle Paul, Max Lucado
Holy Bible, Cookbooks, Amish novels
Herb Companion, Mother Earth News
Forrest Gump, The Notebook, Snow Dogs, Comedies preferred
CSI (ALL), NCIS (both), Criminal Minds, Law & Order (ALL), Food Network
Mel Gibson, Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Tom Hanks, Sally Fields, Sandra Bullock, Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Julia Roberts, Jackie Chan, Will Smith
Contemporary Christian, Classic Rock ('60s & '70s), Bluegrass, Gospel
Bob Dylan, Shawn Phillips, Bob Seger, Kansas, Gaithers, Doobie Brothers, Adele
Texas, Arkansas, Haven't been on many...
Thai (spicy!), Chinese, Greek, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian, ALL Seafood