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September 3

This is a video I did for me & Mya ... almost 6 years of love! and
I'm an action packed adventure, with a concrete lasting impression! I'm a fun magnet member of the Belle Tribe, I'm a loufah scrubbed, Toe Painted, tea drinkin, smile provoking whirlwind!

I love laughter .... I have just a "twist" of attitude . If attitude scares you ... hit ESCAPE now .... trust me ... NO REALLY ... It's not a bad attitude .........

Please pay attention here .... I'm Voluptuous, full figured ... but have been told that God put it all in the right places . ;) I'm not model material ... If you're lookin for "Barbie"..... You'll find her in the toy aisle at Wal-mart ......

I'm 1/2 Cherokee, 1/4 Choctaw & 1/4 Irish . I have an inner peace that others would kill to achieve . and am Happy and Smiling all the time! I love to laugh and spread smiles wherever needed . I'm the "giggler" in the crowd . I love beaches and stars and rainbows and anything to do with nature!

Yes .. ... I LOVE SPORTS! ... Baseball..Nascar.. football.. football .. and UT FOOTBALL!!! ... When you bleed orange... You're a true fan ... win or lose!!! ... I've not really gotten into the sport of Hockey .... I cant find the puck after the first whistle anyway ... If you have a "system" you'd like to share about "finding the puck during the game" ... Let me know!! .. lol Just remember .. when it comes to "Get me a beer" .... I'll take mine as Koolaid, please .. ;)

Ok .. Here's where I throw ya.. I hate to shop!! ... IF I have to go into a store.. I know exactly what I want.. where it is .. and how long it will take me to get it!! .. I don't like Walmart .. I dont see any reason for THAT many cars in One parking lot without a sporting event going on .... And ... there's NO reason for tater tots and thongs to be in the same store.. NONE!! .. hahaha

I've never been to the ballet .... or the opera ..... always figured they'd throw me out for either gigglin at those tight lil pants or snoring ;) (j/k) . I dont really snore ;) hehehhehhe .. Or maybe I do ... maybe it's a cute little snore ... one that just tugs at your heart strings.. (Good save huh? ) .. lol

I speak my mind .. step on toes .. and smile while you're trying to figure out if I just offended you or praised you ... I am ME ... I'm the only me I know .. and I'm dayum good at being ME ... Cross me .. I'll remove you from my world ... Love me .. and I'll give you the stars ... :)

What I’ve learned from Past Relationships ..

Wow ... I was married to a Marine for 21 years ... Let's see ... I can spider weave a PX Uni better than a little Chinese woman with a hot rock ..... I know how to build a rock garden INSIDE the house ... I'm at ease with you breaking things ... It's ok .. REALLY ... after you've broken everything in the house.. I get to replace stuff!!!! .. :D ... Try me!! .. I'll show ya!! .. hahahaha ...

Mainly .. I learned ... you never grow tired of falling in love .... your heart can soar .. but only if the right one is there to provide the air beneath your wings ..... the only REAL thing you can depend on is your spirit .... That's the one thing you have any control over ... And best friends never break up ... Mom's are always right .... and no matter what ... you will come out to the good ...

... I'm here to chat and have fun .. and laugh ... :D ... Cya in the room!! ... :) You'll only find me in 40s Road House!!

Here are some videos of my Grand daughter! .. :) .. Breanna Hope!

Bre - The Screamer LOL

My Grand daughter, Bre ( 5 1/2 months), giggling with me ...

See my "Funnies....:)" for Jokes!! ... ;)
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
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The rain will dance with you, like liquid fire, separating all that you fear from all that you are, and when the sun shines again, you can ride the rainbow and watch it color your life!
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5'8 - Would have legs to my shoulders if it weren't for my ass!
Thick, curvy & wonderful
Flip flops & fuzzy slippers ... I work at home in my pjs ... jeans & tank outside ... Unless I'm going to a meeting .. Then it's dress & heels ..
They should all be at the bottom of a deep ravine.... Please dont try to talk politics with me ... You wont change my mind & I wont try to change yours .. We're due our own opinions & beliefs ....
Straight .... I'm not even curious .. I know exactly what happens! ..
Truly .... Madly .... Deeply ... Taken ....
3 Daughters .. 30, 27 & 11
WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety is not guaranteed. I have only done this once before!


Tony Hillerman - Native American History, Linda Lay Shuler - Native American Fiction, Erma Bombeck - I miss her work!, Walt Whitman - Love his Poetry & humor, Edgar Allen Poe - Love his short stories , Danielle Steel - Romance at it's best!
"She Who Remembers" Kiawani 3 part series by Linda Lay Shuler, Skeleton Man - Tony Hillerman, Sacred Clowns - Tony Hillerman, Pilgrims Progress - John Bunyan
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NASCAR, College Football, Hockey, Softball
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