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Life is all about finding
people who are your
kind of crazy.

I'm not a
perfect person,
I make a lot of
mistakes. But I really
appreciate those people
who say with me after
knowing how I really am.

Take chances, take a lot of them.
Because honestly, no matter where
you end up and with whom, it always
ends up just the way it should be.
Your mistakes make you who you
are. You learn and grow with each
choice you make. Everything is
worth it. Say how you feel, always.
Be you, and be ok with it.

Be weird.
Be random.
Be who you are.
Because you never know who would love the person you hide.

Someone asked me if i was living in Sin. And I said, oh yes, I moved there years ago.

Warning to ALL men:
Women are using a date rape drug called blowjob's.
They use it to lure men into scams called relationships!

When I give you my time.
I'm giving you a portion
of my life that I will never
get back.
So please don't make me
regret it.

my mind is a whore, my body is not.

To the guys saying they want a girl who will fix them a snack after sex: If she's capable of walking you haven't earned a goddamn sandwich ;)

Alice: This is impossible.
The Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.

People they are different, like books each one is a different story full of secrets....some got nice covers and full of shit inside other you can't help it till you read the last paper and keep reading it for ever.

Love is the strongest feeling anyone can ever have....It's also the one feeling that is manipulated the most..

While walking to the lake with my fishing pole and bait box, someone asked me if i was going fishing. I said "nope, just taking my worms for a walk."

Never chase love, affection or attention. If it isn't given freely by another person, it isn't worth having. The simple things in life should be effortless

Me and him?
No, we are not friends.
We are just strangers with memories.

Note to self....
Don't fall in love with men and their devil penis magic...

Don't Pm me and type asl? That is so lame..

Please don't be weird or creepy....

Don't PM me wanting to get "kinky" ...I have a husband for that.... ;)

Isn't it ironic?
We ignore the ones who adore us,
adore the ones who ignore us,
love the ones who hurt us,
and hurt the ones that love us.

I'm including a dildo in every present I give this year. That way if they don't like it they can go fuck themselves.

Don't play with a girl's heart she only has one....Play with her boobs she has two.