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Jim (Pentitent1)

Jim (Pentitent1)
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Pleasingly pudding
It fits....it's comfortable....it's good!
I believe in God.....I believe His only begotten Son was born, died for our sins, and now sits at our Father's right hand, I believe the Holy Spirit along with God's preserved Word guides us in our lives and our studies, and I believe that Jesus will soon return to collect all true believers to Himself......I do not, however believe in any tagged organized religion!
I am as God made me, ethnicity matters not!
It is a secular government, so I stand as far away from it as possible......politics tend to compromise ones beliefs in the long run!
As God intended!
Married to God and His beliefs!


All authors of the books of His Word!, Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffrey
Contemporary Christian, Southern Gospel, Classic Rock, Folk, Country, Soul
Casting Crowns, The Martins, Mercy Me, Moody Blues, CSN&Y, Elton John
Gatlinburg Tennessee
Chili Dogs, Any Oriental