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(Strictly RPG)

Member of the 'Legion of Shadows' (LoS)

"The Harlequin dances, The Harlequin plays, Then all of a sudden the Harlequin pains, For a single tear he doth shed, For what is he without his mask, make-up, and smile to, Breaking the chains that do bind, He wanders the lands, feeding upon the wicked, For all the rest of eternity."

Darkened Teleportation


Race: Shadowling

He became shrouded by darkness at a young age. He is a Harlequin. He broke free from his master many years ago. Ever since then he has wandered the lands, feeding on the darkness of others. A master of trickery and a user of darkness. His powers are creating and manipulating Darkness as he sees fit. He also has darkened teleportation and a beautiful voice that can charm. He has two forms. The first looks like a normal black and white Harlequin. The second is a feral form. His teeth and smile become elongated, his muscles and veins bulge. He hardly ever transforms because, it takes a great deal of mental and/or physical stress for him to do so. He never knew his parents except for his master, who was a user of the dark arts. He is near 80 years of age with the physical appearance of a 20 year old. His master cursed him for leaving, to be an immortal and feed on the darkness of others. When he feeds he sucks all the darkness out of the soul of the victim. The victim does not die, just purified. He can only feed on minor humans. He is about 6 feet tall, with long, pointed, black finger nails, in a black and white Harlequin outfit. He is known as the Dark Harlequin through-out Tyran. He isn't necessarily evil, just a trickster. When hes not in one of his moods or being a trickster his personality very mellow. When hes really hungry he can be a bit insane. Instead of having Harlequin make-up on they are birthmarks. A really long black smile, heavily blackened around his eyes and a single big tear drop on his cheek, and his skin tone is completely white. He also has a familiar that is a black cat named Lilith, with white eyes. She also has two forms, basic and feral.

He is also very agile and godly at acrobats. The Black tear on his face often changes to fit his moods.

He finds a masquerade mask that when worn strips him of his harlequin appearance and eases his hunger. His hair turn platinum blonde and his eyes turn blue. It also turn all his powers white.

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Erebos God of Darkness, and Shadows
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