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Godsangel (foxylace)
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For those of you that can remember me, I was "bikerbabe98" on here and closed out that account and opened up a new one under this name. This is my nickname that I have had since I was 16 years old and given to me by two truckers for a CB handle. :)
I have actually been a member of Delphi since May 31, 2005.

York, Pennsylvania
September 21
I graduate with my bachelors degree in legal studies March of 2015 and intend on going to law school to become an animal rights attorney. :)
2018 Ford Focus SEL

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I dress for the occasion whether it be blue jeans and a tee or even something that requires an evening gown.
Seventh Day Adventist and I am very active in my church.
I am half French and half German, but I was born in Pennsylvania.
I don't care for politics, that is Satan's domain.
I am straight and like men.
I have been divorced for years now and I am ready to get married again to a good Christian man that the Lord wants me to be with.
Two very loving children and five very loving and wonderful grandchildren!


Dr. Ben Carson, Ellen G. White, Doug Batchelor
The Bible, Desire of Ages, The Great Controversy , Steps to Christ
Good Housekeeping
Mama Mia, Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, Ghost, Dirty Dancing
Army Wives, How I met your mother, Will and Grace
Meryl Streep , Patrick Swayze, Kurt Russell
Gospel, Soft Rock, Pop
Styx, Barry White, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Bee Gee's, Cher, Lady Antebellum
Pittsburgh Steelers
Florida, Holland, Bahamas