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i dont really DO "fashion statements", i sort of take my feelings and emotions and apply that to what i wear then add a lot of jewelry and usually combat boots [or board shoes] and it goes without saying that i love make~up, right? i mean, i know its a girl thing but i think being a Gemini intensifies it.
is a fight.. i mean a conversation starter.
in a relationship
" I dont have pet peeves, i have major psychotic fucking hatreds" ~George Carlin R.I.P.


Edgar Allan Poe
Fear of Dreaming, Pardise Lost, Paradise Regained, Dante's Inferno, Bram Stokers Dracula
Hi Fructose, Cosmopolitan
JTHM, anything Alice In Wonderland
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Se7en, Secretary, Black Snake Moan, Pink Floyd's The Wall
Bleach, The Venture Bro's, Bad Girls Club
techno, dubstep, industrial, metal
i? was a cheerleader =]
wish i could GO on vacation
grape laffy taffy, pizza, cheesecake, chinese