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July 2
Many things if you want to know just ask :)
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Work in Information System Security, right now I own buisness but soon if things dont change ill be looking for work.
Freedom was and is paid for at the muzzle of a rifle. Support our military for they keep us safe


Steven King
Dragon tears
Evenessence, Metallica, Egals, Martina McBride, many more
To many to list though I really like country areas
Not picky in many cases

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I Miss You

It’s been a year now,
How do I move on, I don’t know how
I close my eyes your face I see
your laughter I hear
I open by eyes and you are not there
I want you to be here
I know I am selfish and unfair
But I cannot accept this, the pain I cannot bare
the sadness, depression, I end up in tears
I see nothing but fear
Knowing that I will never see you again
That is abundantly clear
I wonder if you are somewhere
where you can see what is going on
My failures my accomplishment
I hope you can see that I keep my commitment
To move on to take care of myself
Though without you around
That is hard to keep
I miss you, your smile, your laughter
I wish I could hear that again in the after
I do not know although I keep hope
So many ways I try to cope
some work some do not
depression sets in, I do not know
my love, my compassion I want to show
Although you will not see, I want to be set free
You I want to see, to hug and hold on to
Sometime I wish that would all end, the pain will be through
Not to feel it again, to have happiness and joy
When will I get that, when will I be content
unto faith I submit
but that does not help at times
My wishes my wants are unmet
Happiness and joy is seems I will not get
I hope that you have found what you need
I hope you are at peace
I hope that you no longer bleed
In pain and heartache, My love always true
I will always Miss you!

Written Jan 10 2017