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Good Ol United States
May 30
Dancing, hanging out with friends, watching TV (SoA!!!!), working out, kickboxing (honestly, I hate it but its a great workout)
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
I am paid to be cute! haha, I am not employed, My mom and dad want me to go to school, so I dont work
Youre only as strong as your greatest weakness
my ride are my two legs haha unfortunately I have no vehicle

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wouldnt you like to know
boring brown
brown but in all honesty, what ever color I chose
My fashion statement is I do what feel right and fun! I do me!
Strange views, rather not talk about it too much
Im whiter than a sheet of paper LOL!!!! I am as they say, Caucasian
My poliical satement is Stop hurting the little guys! they are the backbone of this country that I love!
My sexual orientation is that I enjoy a nice mix of people....
My status is its as complicated as it gets, I am single, technically, but my heart belongs to my ex boyfriend, and I kinda just let him use me like that (not in the way you think! pervy!)
nope, too young (no worries, I am over 18... barely)