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I am currently on the phone or away from my desk.
Don't leave a message.. I dont care
Doer of all the things
It is what it is
Feral bog witch

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depends on my mood
You can catch me in band tee's or super hero shirt (mostly batman) - yogas, khaki kapri's and some adidas slides..mostly.
until they make me get fancy...then its pencil skirts and stilettos..
what a bunch of bs
well... theres a lot going on there.
you dont want my opinion
very oriented
I find it entertaining how you think I should want you, when you put literally 0 effort in to knowing me.
Then you get mad when I use you for my own pleasure, and leave you hanging.. then ghost you.

But.. if I'm tryin to fk with you, you should appreciate that shit, because there's a lot of mf's tryin to fk with me.. and I'm just tryin to focus on you.

This is what happens when you fall for the one you weren't supposed to..
there are offspring
I don't flirt, I just talk.
It's not my fault everything I say sounds like butter on a hot tortilla ;)