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February 7
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)

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260 lbs
Whatever the hell I want to wear unless the situation calls for otherwise.
I find that this is a funny thing to ask seeing as a large percentage of the rooms say "dont talk about religion".
White, Italian.
Heterosexual. However I find that this is another silly thing to ask when , once again a large percentage of the rooms FREAK out when you bring up anything "too sexual" , even the damn rooms that say "ADULT CHAT 18+ ANYTHING GOES!"

How about a "Hypocrisy Room"....
Look folks, Im not here looking to get married, have sex with you, or any of the other crap I talk about. Chat rooms are SUPPOSED to be about having fun. When you make 27 rules and then enforce them more on some people than others, dont expect EVERYONE to be cool with it. If I meet a nice woman, well bonus but Im not here for it. You never know, love and dating are sometimes found in peculiar places.

The thing is, the more comfortable I get, the more I express my personality. The bad thing is, this is usually bad for the "regular" or "normal" people, so I usually will leave. Nothing personal, I just dont want to get into a debate I cant win simply because the other person has the ability to kick or ban me.

Remember its JUST chat. What I do or say has NO effect on your REAL life, so why be so uptight about it?