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5'7" Might be shorter since my accident
Suppose to be 170 but winter has been rough
red, no blue
brownish grey
None, blue jeans and t shirt. Never a tie or suit, wouldn't be caught dead, against my religion. See my forum.
I have denounce Christianity. I am ashamed to be called a Christian. I am a Follower of the Jesus Christ in the Bible.
Yea, what's that mean. I am colored. I am blue, purple, brown, yellow, pink. I see every color but white on me. No, I am definitely not white, but very colored.
I gave up politics, see my forum, but I would be conservative, but not how it is defined. I am a conservative like Christ, yea, that's it.
I like a the girls.
2 Children
6 Grandchildren
The only goal I have on this earth is to feed God's sheep. I have no future here, no retirement, I probably will not take social security for my Messiah is Christ and not the Anti-Christ, see my forum.
I am not building an empire on this earth. I had been there and done that and it disappeared in a blink of an eye. I am building my empire in heaven. I am looking for a woman as a partner in service for the Lord. As a partnership we would encourage each other into boldly feeding God's sheep and pick each other up when we fall and watch each other's back as we fight this battle. She must love the Jesus Christ in the Bible more than anything else in this world, including me. If you are such a woman, let me know. Is that what personal ad means?