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Jeez i would be here all day if i actually filled this out.
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
sooooo... they ask THIS question but not my age?!.... so weird

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5'8 -- BTW If you do not have a pic on your profile i will not respond to your pm, sorry if that offends you but oh well that's my rule.
hmmm.. my elbows have elbows...
Dark brown naturally but sometimes i change it to black
If my fashion could speak it would save me sooooo much trouble. I could simply yell into my closet to find me something comfy and fashion forward. Oh if fashion could make statements *sighs*
Not big on religion but I do Love God.
My skin is brown .... i would like to see which type of brown u assume i am.
no thanks
Well..... I have dated a female before but to be honest there is simply NOTHING like a man.

Ladies don't freak out, just because i compliment you it doesn't mean I want to molest you.
SINGLE!!!!! oh... my bad i seemed a lil overly excited about that eh?
Kids are cool, I don't have any myself but kids are cool.
*blinks* ummm.... personal ad? like single white female type ad? Well i guess ummm.... (to be continued..)