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Reddish Blonde
Christian Non Affiliated
Very Bisexual, Life long home nudist/naturalist, I have raised my kids the same way
Widow, My husband was killed overseas
Four children, a son almost 9 and daughter 11 , 2 adopted girls 4 and 6
I'm 31yr Bi/F 5-2 / 98, I am a single (widow) mother of four, I have a two of my own and adopted 2 girls last year, son almost 9 and a daughter 11. Two adopted daughters 4 and 6. I have been a widow for 9 yrs now. I started dating after about a year. My screen name was given to me by my husband, he used to call me that for some reason. I'm very Bi and have a girl friend that I see.
I was raised as a home nudist/naturalist in a very open household, my dad was very loving and affectionate, he also believed in discipline, and have continued to live that way. Sexuality was not shameful or deemed to be taboo. It was always a natural part of life.

I have raised my kids the same way. We are nude around the house 99% of the time, just not around non nudist friends.

I'm a sensual person I love kissing, hugging, cuddling and more. Life is too short not to be happy.

I like to go Hiking, camping, I use to do a lot of sailing. I also enjoy Scuba Diving (certified Naui Divemaster) currently working on Dive boats, pretty much any thing that ends in ING, and Thanks to my dad I like Football and NASCAR. I think he wanted a Boy.
I enjoy watching movies at home, and cooking out. I'm pretty good on a grill, however, not the best cook in the world the kids are still alive so it isn't too bad, lol.


Rock 'n Roll; Women Who Rock; Classic Rock; R&B / Soul; Jazz / Blues; Elvis; Country
Football mostly Pro, NASCAR fan of Smoke and Jr
Anywhere in the water or under it