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Brooklyn, NY
Long Beach Island
Surrey, UK
April 6

Shopping, dancing (vintage, contra, English country, disco), snuggling with my man, playing with my cats, dining out with friends, being at the beach, photography, outdoor leisure, history, architecture, sailing/yachting (See attached video for example):

...gardening, playing on the computer/internet, decorating, theatre, horseback riding, early modern art, cocktails, disco, men...
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
Devoted house wife.
"My tastes are quite simple, I am satisfied with the very best." -Oscar Wilde.

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I don't think so
Pale Blue
Varies, blonde at heart.
Absolutely fabulous, my dear. Sunglasses are my signature accessory, never leave home without them. Boots. Scarves.
Spiritual but not religious but for clarification purposes, brought up an Anglican in the Church of England.
What an odd question, does it matter? English if you ask Americans, American if you ask my family in England.
Gay and proud baby! Don't worry, I've got a man so chill.
*Married and happily*
*Friends since May 1973.
*A couple since March 2002.
*Married since July 2011.
My beautiful daughter and my four fur babies.
The world according to Auntie Chris:

In my humble 62 years I've gained as much wisdom and insight on life as mistakes I've made. At the end of the day, these are the points I carry with me through life:

Remember that as important as it may be to each day take care of yourself, that still the world doesn't revolve around you. We're all in this together so step down and just be, stop trying so hard. Just enjoy life, enjoy what you have, find new things the world has to offer to enjoy, make the most of each day, don't judge because you wouldn't want people to judge you. Be kind to those less fortunate or less helpless who cannot help themselves. Be more empathetic to the feelings of others. Be patient. Take a minute to realize the person behind you in line has one item, a heavy item, an armful of slipping items and you've got a cart full- let them go first, they will be done faster than you will be anyway, why make them wait? Embrace optimism but learn from your bad experiences. Don't make excuses, make changes. Don't use past experiences as a crutch when making poor choices or put blame on others for your own hang ups in life. Take responsibility for your own actions, it's among the most forthright traits a person may possess. Don't expect others to change on account of your own personal hangups and opinions, that's your problem, not theirs. Expand your perspective of the world. See things from other points of view across time and history- again, remembering the history of the world isn't written and completed solely from your experiences. Stop arguing things that in the end won't make any difference, irrespective of whether or not you are right, or think you're right. In the end... it usually *just doesn't matter* who wins the damn discussion no matter how emotionally involved you are (think politics) but embrace new ideas willingly when others propose them. Do not negate another person's intelligence or experiences when holding discussions. No one likes a bloviating pedantic narcissist who thinks they know it all, even if you think you are gaining admiration as result of wielding intelligence you are likely to inadvertently insult the intelligence of those around you. In the process of "one-upping" another in a conversation is to negate the thoughts, feelings, experiences, opinions, education of others by saying yours are more relevant or more important. Don't do it. Do not brag, do not compete for the spotlight. If you have worth of any means, it will shine for all to see through natural course of associating with others, it does not need to be forced,they'll learn soon enough, DON'T BRAG! Listen carefully when people are speaking. A conversation should be a back and forth exchange and preferably, with a purpose. Do not speak unless it's something worth saying, with a point. Politeness is not an exercise in the forms of exclusive society, it is a honed art of considering the feelings of those around you. Again...back to the whole idea of the world does not revolve around you. There is nothing wrong in holding high standards and working for improvement but do not feel the need to nor expect others to be anything other than what they are as there is nothing wrong with being content with less, just do not be complacent. Do not demean those who are content with less if you have, yourself, sought more. That was YOUR goal, not theirs. To think begrudgingly of those with more than you is just as bad as looking down upon those with less than you. Having less does not exempt you from being a self righteous jerk, just as being highly fortunate does not automatically make you stuck up.If you do have more than others, do not try to isolate them or make them feel insignificant. People will issue respect to you if it's warranted not because you demanded it. They will resent you behind your back. Those with less... do not expect those with more than you to hide who they are on account of your own insecurities or instill guilt for having more, do not assume someone is attempting to condescend to you simply because they have more than you do.


Brideshead Revisited , The God in Flight
Georgy Girl, The Deer Hunter, Farewell My Concubine , Midnight Cowboy
Don't really watch, TV sucks, Nothing ever on
Robert DiNiro , Dustin Hoffman, Christopher Walken, Robin Williams, Leslie Cheung , James Mason, Humphrey Bogart, Tim Robbins, Gene Hackman
52nd Steet- I Can't Let You Go, Spanky and Our Gang-Like to Get to Know You, Thievery Corporation Un Simple Histoire, Madison Park- Ocean Drive, Grace Jones-Autumn Leaves, ergio Mendes & Brasil 66-Mas que nada, Guillaume Dufay-Missa l'Homme Armé 1. Kyrie, At the Nativity / Bethlehem's Stall, Jeremiah Clarke-Chaconne, Persian Santur-Chaharmezrab Nava, Django Reinhardt-I'll See You In My Dreams
Fifth Dimension, Pink Floyd , Onra, Serge Gainsbourg , Henry Purcell , Django Reihhardt, Cerrone, The Doors, Stephane Grappelli
UK, Long Beach Island
Cheese, Cheese , Indian , Cheese