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Yes, It's True!
I wear black sheer support pantyhose with shorts 24/7 and yes, this includes every were I go in public too; even when it is winter.

I always wear a nice dress-shirt or sport shirt with dressy-shorts and I wear black sheer hosiery 99% of the time, especially when out doors, or I'll wear sheer-navy w/blue shorts, sheer-nightshade w/grey shorts, sheer-white w/white shorts, etc...

I do NOT cross-dress and I'm only here to SUPPORT any and all men that might be struggling with the idea of wearing pantyhose or tight with shorts when out in public.

It is a fact that countless men actually do wear a variety of types of sheer pantyhose legwear with shorts (or a skirt) when out in public, including when at their place of employment; including the military.

My journey wearing sheer pantyhose support legwear started when I was a very young boy and I suffered really bad burns to my legs and and arms and the compression-pantyhose helped heal and support my legs (and arms). and then a good few times after, I had multiple leg injuries and brakes, and again, wearing sheer compression pantyhose legwear helped heal and support my legs. I'm very active and love to exercise and run, so I wear support hose 24/7.

Also, because I have injured, fractured and broken my foot and or legs on multiple occasions and was un-able to wear pants in these times, I would wear a basic t-shirt or sleeveless style dress over a polo shirt and too my surprise; it was the most practical and comfortable decision ever. So; aside from wearing sheer compression pantyhose support legwear: I also started wearing a dress, whether around the house or out in public.

In the summer: I exercise and run everyday, so I would typically wear a sleeveless bodycon mini-dress over a polo-shirt with black sheer compression pantyhose legwear... or when casually just out in public doing grocery , banking, shopping, etc.. I would wear a sleeveless bodycon midi-dress over a polo, short or long sleeve dress shirt, with black sheer compression pantyhose legwear.
In the winter: I would wear a heavier sleeveless bodycon maxi-dress over a long sleeve dress shirt and tie and a fitted suit jacket, with black opaque compression pantyhose legwear.

Please understand: I never wear anything girly and never wear ladies high heel shows and never wear make up and never try to "look" like a female, because I am a MAN; who wears a dress (tunic) over top of my men's polo- shirt and shorts.

Fun FACT: according too the Bible, John the Baptist, Jesus, all the apostles and disciple's, the chief priests and Pharisees and many other men including the roman military would all wear some type of skirt or tunic style of dress and in some countries, men still wear some type of dress.

Call me what ever you want: for I follow the way of the LORD and if John the Baptist, Jesus, all the apostles and disciple's, the chief priests and Pharisees and many other men including the roman military would all wear some type of skirt or tunic style of dress and be normal MEN; then so can I. Only now, if or when someone asks me why I'm wearing a dress; I ask them if the know Jesus and use it as a doorway for me too preach the Gospel of Christ and Salvation unto ant with ears to hear.
I believe in YHWH (LORD God), "Creator" of the Heavens and the FLAT-earth.
I am an authentic "Baptized" (Born-Again) Christian (child "in-Christ").
The number 1 problem on this FLAT-earth, are the 'Satanic' Rothschilds family, the 'Satanic' Rockefellers family and their collective 'Satanic' "Illuminati's, witch controls the W.H.O. and the W.E.F. that controls the global FR33MASON-government(s); with countless Political agendas based on LIES, MISINFORMATION and DESCEPTION!
Male interested in FEMALES only...

... The bible teaches: GOD first Created from the earth; ADAM and then created EVE from Adam and thus; Adam and Eve were the first children of God and "brother & sister" too each-other.

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. 28And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:..." (Genesis1:27 KJV)
FACT: covid19 is NOT a virus!
FACT: covid19 is NOT "isolated" anywhere throughout the entire FLAT-earth.
FACT: Virology is a FRAUD; all and any "virus" does NOT exist!
FACT: what medical science calls an air born "virus", is in FACT a "Non-contagious-DEAD-pathogen"!
FACT: there is NO-treatment or vaccine for the so called covid19-virus, because "covid19" does NOT exist!
FACT: the covid19-injection is NOT a health-vaccine!
FACT: the covid19-injection is NOT an "experimental" vaccine!
FACT: the covid19-injection was intentionally created by the USA military (with canada and china on contract) as a tested, proven and patented "GENOCIDE-DEPOPULATION-BIOWEAPON"!


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