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a 2001 Sundancer Pontoon boat, a New Factory Five Snake
uh? I do believe that people will treat you as you treat them.
I have never been satisfied that anything wonderful has to be created from divine intelligence. If everything had to have a designer, who designed the designer?
Patriotic, i think the people of this country are inherently decent and generous. Our constitution may be the most perfect document ever created. We may never measure up to the ideal stated there but it must remain our goal.
If you read History you know that it is full of plunder, war and exploitation. The time in which we live offers unparalleled freedom and prosperity. Our way of life should be protected. Other societies are not just as good as ours. What we enjoy, what we have, is unique in all history. It should be defended.
Hetero only. i don't mind Bi women surprise surprise. sexually creative, but not irresponsible, I thank God my mother was not pro choice.
2 adults i won't give you the light of my life stuff, but suffice it to say they are intelligent accomplished individuals.
if you are Dana Perino, Michele Malkin, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Patti Ann Brown, .Kimberly Guilfoil, Andrea Tantaros, ... I love you