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DMan (ThunderDenni)

DMan (ThunderDenni)
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Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
Lets Go Mets! Thunder Up!

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Started playing the APBA baseball board game in 1974. Then got the Master game edition when it was first released. I later bought APBA Golf, Horse Racing, and Bowling. Now my focus is on the APBA 5.75 baseball computer game though I also enjoy playing 1970's C&D baseball. Recently bought APBA football and hockey.
Single and loving it!


1970's Pop/Rock, 1980's Pop/Rock, 1990's Country, 2000's none, 2010's none, 2020's we'll see
Oklahoma City Thunder, New York Mets, Detroit Lions, Oklahoma Sooners
Las Vegas, New York City, Alpharetta: Once a year
Hamburgers, French Fries, Dr. Pepper, Pizza

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