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I like to dress comfortable. If I'm not wearing scrubs I am usually dressed in jeans and a loose fitting shirt/blouse.
My beliefs are personal to me. I do not push my beliefs on others, in return I ask that people respect that and not try to push their beliefs on me.
Independent. I truly have issues with the deep divide within our government today. It seems our elected officials are more interested in touting the party line than actually listening to and following the wishes of the people that elected them. I also feel that there should be term limits for Congress. Being a politician should not be a life long career, some of the most corrupt politicians (in both parties) are the ones that have been in office for decades.
I am bisexual. Although I am attracted to women I have not been with a woman since I met my husband. I was honest with him about my bisexuality starting with our first date. Of course he asked if he would be invited to join in if I were to be intimate with a woman, my answer was and still is no. My personal feelings are if I am going to be intimate with a woman, I want to give my full attention to the woman I'm with.
I have been married for 23 years to a police officer. He is my best friend, when I have a terrible night at work I know I can turn to him for strength and he will always be there to support me.
17 year old daughter and 6 year old son
I am a charge nurse of a trauma surgical unit. I have been a nurse for 23 years. I truly love my career, being able to help the critically injured by coordinating their emergency surgery and assisting the surgeon is my small part of the entire medical team. Seeing my patients recover from life threatening injuries and leave the hospital is validation that I have played a small role in helping them. Losing a trauma patient is unfortunately a part of my job that I don't like, but it is a reality I have to deal with from time to time..