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I'm Me! Silly, romantic, goofy, honest, loyal, and funny!
14 year old son
After All

Enough with the Pain
Enough with the hurting
Enough with the damn torrential burning
Enough with the cheating
Enough with the lies
Enough with the fear that burns my eyes
Enough with the cruelty
Enough with the scrutiny
Enough with the making me feel like i'm puny
I'm done with this shaking
I'm done with this waiting
I'm done with this little heart breaking
Your always right
I'm always wrong
It's a wonder why we can't get along
No more tears
No more lies
It's time for our long overdue good byes
Maybe you were right
We can make amends
And in the long run
We can still be friends
I don't wanna lose you
Not all the way
But we should take some time
To square this all away
We can start out fresh
A brand new day
After all the harsh feelings
Are pushed away!

By: Chris C
written on Oct 14th 2011

Can You Feel Me?

Can You Feel Me?
Every Time I talk to you,

Can you feel it?
The way my heart beats out of rhythm
The way my pulse races when you are near,

Can you hear it?
The excitement in my voice when we talk
The fumbling over my words
The stuttering

Can you see it?
The way I get so weak
The way I blush
The way I trip over myself

Can You Feel Me?
Can You Feel The Love Inside me growing?
Can You see how so deeply in love with you I am?

Can You Feel Me? Like I Feel You?
Can You Feel Me?

Written by: Chris C

The Real You

Keep an open mind
An open heart

Don't close your eyes
To a brand new start

Make your dreams come true
Don't let them fall through

And let everyone see
The real you

If you shed a tear
Show no fear

To cry is only human
So let us all hear

Let us hear you inner thoughts
Don't hide them I say

Let me share your pain
Or help take it away

May your heart be true
In all that you do

So don't give up
Only you can define you

Be happy
Don't be sad

We can all go
A little mad

Let love shine through
So that eveyone can see

The real you
written 7/31/07 by Chris C

My Poem - One Step at a Time

I sit there on the shower floor Motionless
Letting the Hot water beat off my body,

As tears trickle down my face
The past presents itself and rears its ugly head yet again,

All the pain, heartache, suffering
Burns painful feelings in my head, heart,

Difficulty breathing, Hyperventelation begins,
Tunnel Vision sets in, Silence all around,

No Background noises to be heard,
Not even the sounds from the cat meowing sitting in front of me,

Pain in my head
Pain in my heart,

Nobody around, No one can help
This is a battle I can only face on my own,

I Try to Scream, I try to yell
But nothing comes out,

The water now becoming cold
Still motionless,

Tears still falling
A lifeless feeling passes over me,

The feeling of being outside of my own body
Looking down at myself,

Wondering what I can do to change this
Nothing comes to immediate mind,

Then I hear in the distance of my mind
One step at a time (fading) one step at a time

Written/Revised by: Chris Combs


I thought I was ready
I thought she was too
But the love I thought she had for me
Was proven to be untrue
For me... I had found my soulmate
For her... I was just a playdate
My friends had warned me to be careful
But it was already too late
I had fallen in love, and had no clue
Before I knew it, I was doomed
I had followed my heart
But should have been cautious from the start
Now I just sit, and watch as my world falls apart
It’s time now, to pick up the pieces
And mend what I can
And work on a fresh start
I don’t want to hear
“I told you so” or “Don’t let it happen again”
we all make mistakes
And hopefully learn from them in the end
Now it’s time to pull myself together
And stand up strong and tall
For tomorrow’s another day
And i’m hoping to conquer them all, One day at a time
And I can take back the life that’s mine.
By: Chris Combs 7/3/16