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PTG (anotherPTG)
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London UK
June 21
Internet in all its glory
Music in all its splendor
Art in all its greatness
Wine in all its variety
Friends in all their diversity
Oh and the odd bit of food!
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
but many posts in my life!
I use the expression "sod's law" all the time as it follows me around throughout my life!
A free local bus pass!
I don't know what this means
But I am never to old to learn

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6 feet
ultra conservative so it is a white linen jacket and tie for lunch

My personal photo is up for a couple of days before I revert back to kitty with the rest of you - I warned you all!
Trying hard not to think about that
But raised C of E
descended from Lucy who was an Australopithecene
But superficially white Anglo-Saxon
A Plague on all their houses!
asexual now but was a rampant heterosexual when younger
Several lovely offspring
a battered divorcee (with long-service stripe)
that I know of: 4 (one son and three daughters)
then grandchildren ..........
A good home was wanted but now taken care of and cossetted!


most classical, a lot of pop, some ethnic (Korean, Chinese, Japanese), musical spoons, bagpipes
the one and ony Jimi (Hendrix), Mark Knopfler, AC/DC, Amy MacDonald, Enya, Queen, Dire Straits
in my youth:, Rugby Football, judo, Ballroom Dancing (competitive so I think it was a sport!)
Millwall, Nottingham Forest
Garden of my Care Home, Paris, Venice, other Italian cities, Kyoto
Most Asian food, Fish & chips ( but only the best and cooked to order), where is the wine?