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Cookie (GulfGuppy)
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SW Florida USA
November 29
Flower gardening, NASCAR, reading, playing the piano, trying to learn guitar, on-line games
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
Retired full-charge bookkeeper of 30 yrs. Now, Domestic Engineer. Still love numbers but don't even balance my own checkbook.
Don't doubt me. I've made one mistake in my life...I THOUGHT I was wrong.

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100 + Pepperidge Farm Brussels cookies
Tank tops & cut off jeans (too old for Daisy Duke, just so bloody HOT in SW Florida)
Retro '80s only because it's still hanging in my closet from college. Not much of a shopper OR fashion statement.
2 girls 29 & 28, 1 boy 26, 3 grands 8,7,6 and one on the way


Lisa Gardner, Patterson
Murder/Mayhem, Courtroom drama
Home, It's Florida!, Charleston SC
Yes, and more please!