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5'7 and shrinking
263 and not proud of it
used to be blonde
old fashioned. My age is 82 and nothing can be anything but old.
Was raised Methodist, but with what we have gone thru these past few years and what the world is today I question if we really have a god. In my opinion, and my opinion alone, the GOD I was brought up to believe in surly would not have stood by and watched what has happened to his creations.
Mostly french, but also german, swed, english, etc. I guess you could say a Heinz 57 variety.
I wont go there.
100% male, and I never had any thoughts of wanting anything different.
Married to my one and only for 59 years this year. We met at a friends house, and hit it off right away. I was 22 and she was 18. Her graduation was coming up in a month and she asked me to her prom and graduation party as her boyfriend had broken up with her the month before. I knew her just six weeks before I proposed and gave her a ring. We were married just in Aug. and met in May. Dont tell me true love doesn't happen at first site.
We have at this time three adult children, and eight grandchildren, and nine great grand babies. Our children were two boys and a girl, they in turn had five girls and three boys, and the greats are eight girls and one boy.