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Hose are for men too. We wore them first. Men should be able to wear openly with shorts, jeans, or whatever without our masculinity being questioned. Maybe someday , but until then i appreciate this forum and
all the supporters and friends.
Straight open minded
I am a retired fun loving open minded kinda guy. I enjoy outdoor activities , flea markets, collecting things AND OF COURSE PANTYHOSE. I have always admired legs in pantyhose . I do not think hose should be a thing of the past. Wear want you want. I personally wear support hose for my legs due to leg problems. After 43 years in retail management and being on my feet and legs, I appreciate a good pair of support pantyhose. I like the way they look and feel and the amount of support they have given my feet and legs. Leggs sheer energy and active support have always been my go to. Now i have tried all kinds Hanes Alive, Talbot, Berkshire and Medical Brands. I am looking to try other brands. I prefer support hose and sheer-to-waist but have recently been wearing Hanes Alive Support Hose with re-inforceded toe. I wish i had the opportunity to wear more openly. Maybe someday it will be more accepted for men. I LOVE coffee and taupe shades. I tend to wear more tans and shades that match my skin tone. Thanks for all your support and look forward to new friendships. Hosepop