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Virginia and Georgia
September 16
I enjoy reading (mysteries, historical fiction, philosophy, literary theory, poetry, religion and myth).

I write creative nonfiction and occasional poetry. Poetry is not my strong suit.

At home, I enjoy cooking (Cajun, especially, as Louisiana is my home state).

Outdoors--hiking, exploring waterfalls, dry fly fishing, camping.

Antiques, old houses, historic places--all fun to explore.
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
I've spent my life as an academic, teaching at the college and graduate levels.
"I learn by going where I have to go."

Theodore Roethke poem, "The Waking"
I just had to scrap a convertible I loved--240 K but the engine was going.

My Jeep gets me about in the winter season in Va. And, i have a hybrid for mileage.

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200 pounds
Ha!! Denham and sweaters in cold weather. Denham and colored t shirts and open shirts in warm weather.

Hiking boots and sandals.

I do clean up nicely for formal occasions but prefer to be informally dressed.

I admire the mystics of all world religions.
Caucasian as far as I know. We all have more than one racial background in our genes.
Flexibly straight.
Long term single person.
Two adult children.
"Relaxed, high energy contemplative."

I specialize in ambiguities and polarities.


Martin Heidegger, Theodore Roethke, Paul Ricoeur, Walker Percy, Tony Hillerman, Mary Oliver
Being and Time, Time and Narrative, The Second Coming, Changing Woman
NY Times, Washington Post
The Matrix, Dances With Wolves, Outlaw Josie Wales
R & B, Classic Rock, Folk, Classical