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"Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken."
Oscar Wilde
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
Everything, but nothing...
Fit in everywhere but know where...
" I am not a label...I just fuckin wear them."

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6 ft
165 lbs
Salt and pepper/brownish
Iv been interested in fashion since the age of 13. Since, I have always had my own sense of unique, sometimes eccentric, high-end and individual personal style when it comes to presenting oneself or just dressing up for the fun of it. Over the past 20 years, iv been building my dream wardrobe and investing in pieces that are classic, timeless and belong in everymans wardrobe. Also, since teenage hood iv worn tights or nylons for function, fashion trend (90's grunge, goth, emo, Madonna Exotica faze etc.). I find them comfortable, stylish and I find the more I wear with matching menswear ensembles, the more compliments I get, boosting my confidence. It also feel it's quite "badass" and rebellious to be one of the very few hosiery males in the city I currently reside(which is extremely left wing and liberal). I Feel that by me taking tights back from "feminists". I'm making my imaginative, creative, stylish, political, societal statement through the artistic means such as Improvised performance, self portraits etc. in hopes of starting a conversation on what really is Masculine or femine? Is it the cloths that make the man? Or the man make the cloths? Perhaps it's the man ?? that makes the man?
I totally believe in "the big guy in the sky" but renounce all "manmade" reglions.
Im a Scorpio so I'm complicated and as well don't kiss and tell
Out to stud
Absolutely not!
Anyone real, authentic, alpha, intelligent, interesting, imaginative, creative, rebellious, different, honest, loyal, confident, outspoken, assertive and is also a independent attractive, Xzinial aged, non binary lonewolf.
That's all...[rolling eyes back as I don't believe so much anymore that these type of "peoplekind" exist now days let alone would also no the meaning of "Diginity or "hypocrisy].
Prove me wrong!!!!