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Vancouver-(city), Washington-(state)
March 18
Business Supplies/Products&Services
Life is God! Live life to it's fullest; Get to know it well; Give love & live love; Love others even when they don't love you!!! Jesus did! It is what I shall do!!!
I must ask: "What would Jesus do?"
The very breath I breathe belongs to God/Jesus Christ/Holy Ghost, not me!
SunshineO1 Hostess of "Lady StarGate."


Sister Mrs. James L. Coffman or Sherri, Happily Married




God's many blessings be yours and your loved ones always,

Love SunshineO1 Hostess of Lady StarGate">">

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5' 6"
solid 160
"I'm who I am! No matter who you assume me to be!!!"
"True Believer in Christ Jesus!" "Born Again!"
My Husband
Very Happily Married
1 Son! He has his own children, too.
"I love all people for who they are, not what they believe."


God, Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Daniel Johnson, & many more.
Bible, Webster's books, Health & Science books & many more.
PC magazine, Windows, Christian Teen, etc.
Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Columbian, etc.
Peanuts, Garfield, Doonsberry, & Farside
Too many to list-favorite "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
Many - Touch By An Angel, Promised Land, Mysteries, Comdey, etc.
Chuck Norris, George Papard, Steven Seigal, Angela Landberry, Marlyne Monroe, etc.
Rock, Jazz, BlueGrass, Coutry, Classical, Gospel, etc.
Carmin, The Imperials, & many others.
All kinds-if I get to play.
co-ed or men and women together.
Camping, fishing, hiking, someday: watersking, jetsking, and skydiving.