Kris (NorcoKris)

Kris (NorcoKris)

Kris (NorcoKris)
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Norco, CA
October 25
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

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5' 10"
about 135
Just the furkids for now....

Champ ~ Quarterpony I have had since 2/10/79 (he is 36)
Asher ~ Russian Blue type kitty I've had since 2/1/07 (he's about 7)
Jasper ~ German Shorthaired Pointer/Lab mix, had since 3/3/11 (he's about 2)
*updated 10/8/11

~~Dearly departed~~
Mighty ~ The goodest boy ever, Mastiff/Lab mix of almost 10 years
Precious ~ My beloved furkid of 16 years, a Spaniel mix
King ~ The sweetest, loviest kitty in the whole wide world who left too soon at 9
Angel ~ My very sweet Appy/Arab cross that I had from the day she was born until she passed away just shy of 17


Various including different sitcoms, Rock Star, Survivor and I love animal related shows
Hockey & Baseball (though I barely keep up anymore)
Kings, Ducks, Angels
What's a vacation? Though my wish list includes various places with excellent Whale Watching or other Marine/Wildlife
I'm picky!