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Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
It is easier to live with dirty laundry than it is to live with a woman to do it for you... 1) YOur shirts never bitch at you.. 2) Your socks dont care what you smell like.. and 3) Your underwear never accidently gets pregnant.
Besides.. God didnt give men enough blood to use both heads at the same time.
O Knight of Grey Once so white.
How pure thy heart wounded so deep.
What a sadd sadd sight.
Thy morals you do keep.

But what cost to thine own soul.
Never again to trust so free.
Always a cost to fill thy bowl.

O Knight of Grey canst thou see.
Forgiven thou art for past deeds done.
Live life now in sunshine and free.
Won for you by Gods own Son.

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Government Sucks
Loves to RP


Anne Rice to Roger Zelany
Anything... If its printed... Chances are I will read it.
Not too much into mags.. But if it catches my Eye... I'll read it.
Sheeeit... Mostly print what they want you to know.
The Spice of Life. and almost the only reason to buy a newspaper.
The Junglebook (Origonal) / The Abyss / Die Hard / Some like it Hot / Clash of the Titans / Labrynth / The Princess Bride / Ghost / Soylent Green / Andromeda Strain / and the list goes and goes.....
Too Numerous to name... Everything from Giligans Island... To Weakest Link.
Charlton Heston / Clint Eastwood / Christopher Walken / Russel Crow / Julia Roberts / Sophia / Marilyn / Ed Harris / Robin Willams / and Many More.
Anything but RAP & Thrash Punk shit.
Bethoveen / Patsy Cline / Stevie Ray / Santana / The Temptations / Pink Floyd / The Stones / Aerosmith / BB King / The Great Sachamo...... Yeahhhhh.
Could care less
They are Jokes.. Over paied shits
As long as Im haveing fun I dont care.
ANYTHING / Love to Cook