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Transplanted Southern Son in Bigfoot Country
(Puget Sound Area, with a great view of the Olympic Mountains)
I refuse to call liberals "progressives" as that lends them a mantle of being proponents of beneficial change which they are not. They are retrograde to the advancement of human society in general and the American ideal in particular.
The Good, The Bad, and the Mediocre.

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The unsung crusaders who write the hard sci-fi, for they are the modern prophets.
is good fo' yo' mentational capacitationality.
three clips 9mm, 1000 rounds 7.62, one 1971 issue Playboy
Are just MSNBC on an oxycontin jag. Actually, I sometimes pick up the LA Times so my parrot can have something with pictures to crap on . Screw them damn salmon.
Get Fuzzy, Lio, Pearls Before Swine, Monty. Gary Trudeau can roll it and stick it...freakin' hack.
are mostly leftist propaganda made by idiots for sheep.
us just how gullible we really are. "American Idol"? 'Nuff said.
do it for money.
Whale-confusing subsonic sonar...with snare drums
any sell-out multimillionaire who'll pay me to advertise
Michael Vick's Iditarod Sled Dog team, Road rage, and pissing off the Washington hippies with my NRA decal.
will go away if you use the lotion diligently.
Those little fish that only live in the one puddle in Arizona?---been eatin' those little mugs like popcorn. Baby seals, whale, spotted owl eggs, PETA activists when they're in season (but they're usually stringy and gamey)


improved with evolving
for it
Can't see them
golden strands of rye grass......with ergotfungus
"There is a Song Among the Stars that is the Breath of Life and its Voice moves through the winds of Every World."
Transplanted Southern Boy of German, Scots-Irish, and Cherokee descent.
Independent American Patriot

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Passed Orientation. Received Certification.
Tried marriage, found it interfered with my social life.
38...no wait....39...do the foreign ones count?
mee luv yew long time