Boydster (marauderblue)

Boydster (marauderblue)

Boydster (marauderblue)
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Glen Burnie, MD
March 14
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
"There's only 2 things that are infinite... the universe and human stupidity." A. Einstein

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Shorts and a t-shirt
Haven't found one yet.
Dude. Actually, Scot - Irish, born American.
Detest most of what's going on. System needs an overhaul!
Raving Hetero
None that I know of
Wanna go for a ride?


History Channel, Discovery, "How It's Made"
Jason Statham, Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, etc.
Classic Rock, Hard Rock
Anything Racing. Football... RAVENS!
Way south or way north... or east... or west
filet mignon, japanese cooktop, stirfry, Italian