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You Can Find Me In California Some Where.. And My Room
December 17
I Love My Computer.. And I Love Cell Phones.. I Switch Cell Phones Like Every 6 Months.. And I Love My Laptop.
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
I Work At Home.
Don't Take Friends For Granted.. You Never Know Whats Is Gonna Happen From 1 Min To The Next.. Trust Me.. I Have Learned That By Losin Some Good Friends.. Let People Know Your Feelings..
Has A Very Nice 1970 Dodge Challenger.. ooooooo.. Have had It For 20 years now.. Just Got It Up And Runnin Again.. Yea It's Our Show Car.. Route66 And We Take It To Tuxies Alot On Friday Nites..

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I Forgot
Light Golden Brown With Blonde HighLites
I Where What I Am Comfortable In.
I have One.
All American Here
ugh... Don't Get Me Started On This.
I had This A Looong Time Ago
3 Grown Kids.. I can't remember how old they are.. but they have been here a long time.
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---00---00---You Know
-----000-----Who Died


Romance, Time Travel, Mysteries, Comedies
I Watch CNN Headlines News.. I Get All The News I Want.
Twister, Pearl Harbor, Armagedon, Xanadu
Nicolas Cage, Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Patrick Swayze, Chevy Chase
I Love All Kinds Of Music.. I do Have My Favorites.. Amber Is My First Favorite.. I Love Her Songs And Singing
Angels Are My Favorite BaseBall Team
Cruise Are My Favorite Vacation Spot.. I Love Bein On Those Ships.
American, Mexican , Italian, Chinese