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December 21
I'm interested in people who are intelligent and funny. If you can't make me laugh and hold your own in a conversation, we can't be friends.
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
Medical/Health Services
That's not static -- that's my pants!

Am I always this pale? No, my tan lines are just well hidden.
My ride is FASTTTT like a komettt.
You've just been passed by an old lady in a Lincoln.
WTH? I have plenty of character without role play.

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5' 5"
I'm a middle-aged fat chick
I'm a nun and a goddess. More goddess than nun. James "Kibo" Parry is my spiritual leader (www.kibo.com).
The only good thing about politicians is that they screw us all regularly.
Passed with flying colors. I find beauty in all people. REAL people only! Cyber-sex people are soooooo behind the times.
One handsome grown son. Yes, I am old enough to have a 25-year old son.
I chat and act silly for fun. No, random cyber sex with you is neither silly nor fun. This means don't PM me for cyber sex, phone sex, or any other kind of e-sex.


Soduko For Dummies
Big Bang Theory, Southpark
Butter, Anything with lots of butter on it