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People are like slinkys ... they make you smile when pushed down the stairs }:)
I am not your mother .. i will not support you .. get a better paying job and learn to be a responsible adult
has four legs
After Tuesday .. even the calendar says WTF!

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steelers, penguins


What ever the occasion calls for ... dressed up, dressed down or nothing at all!
umm I believe Im called .. White!
too set in my ways to put up with someone else's crap
had some until they eventually turned 18
I am Bold, Daring, Adventurous and a tad Wild. When I look back on my life when I'm older, I want no regrets, I don't ever want to wonder "what if", wonder what I threw away, what I passed up and say to myself I wish I had taken the chance or done this or that, life is too short not to chase your dreams or follow your heart.

For my true friends .. "as long as I gotta biscuit .. you get half"

Say NO to Horse Slaughter!