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USAIm in that little tinny dot right of the Delaware Memorial Bridge and left of the Alantic Ocean,, south of Philadelphia,,,Thats right you got it South Jersey,,( Jersey gurl here),,lol,, south Jersey one at that
Please take the time to fill out ur profile pic an all,,, If I can do it so can you,,,
I have a bunch pic's of myself,,,, you will have to befriend me to see any,, hahhaha
August 14
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

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why ya gona pay me my weight in gold,, grinzzz
Red head
my statement days r over,,im pretty basic now..most of the time,,
comes from the heart
red head ... you figure it out
mostly dem,, with sum liberal choices
isnt everyone sexualy orientated
yep, and im VERY proud of them
My personal add I guess would go something like this,, I belive if you want to see some ones pic,, You should have one of urself to show,, If you want some one to cam you,,, You should be willing to cam in return,, an non this I will but you go first,,Lady's be smarter,, let the fellas go first,, Only belive 1/2 of what you see on here an even less of what ur told or read,, wise up,,


Happy Feet
70tys show, cop shows .. anything funny.. actualy about 30 min's tops in fron of a tv and im asleep, lol, ak anyone that knows
4 me music is a mood thing, you can always tell my mood by my music, basicaly all music ( excipt rap)
anything out doors, as long as when its hot i have a cool breeze and when its cold i can keep warm!!!!
depends on the time of year
ill tast anything once(but that)!!!!!! lol,, i try and eat natural,, lots frute and vegies,, red meat about 1x a year,, low fat, pasta and rice yuckkkk,, LOVESSS seafood tho,,Broiled stuff shrimp or lobster are my all time favs