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I'm in Kentucky, the Bluegrass State--you know, fast horses and faster women :)
August 29
Things I love: My Canon, a new lens, Corona with lime, blue skies, silence, driving and hearing a great song on the radio, my close chat friends (you know who you are), my sisters, nice teeth, the color pink, cold diet dr. pepper, the beach, waking up before my alarm, intelligence in a man, stupidity in girlfriends, coming home from work and my daughter meeting me at the door, sensitivity, the smell of clean laundry, learning something new, people who put their families first, Halloween, a clean house, good grammar, the smell of coffee brewing, laughing til you can't breathe anymore, vintage photographs, thunderstorms, my mom, snow when I can stay home and watch it fall, and my job.

Things I hate: Being so damned sentimental...(I keep everything that might have a shred of meaning),scraping my windshield in the cold, death (yes, I deal with it all the time, but I make myself, just a part of it), spinach, disorganization, to see someone cry, putting up laundry, people who think they know everything, laziness, sleeping too late, dust on my ceiling fans, warm milk, going to the grocery, a ringing telephone when I'm busy, indecisiveness, procrastination (I said I hated it, not that I don't do it myself!)
Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)
Nurse Betty to the rescue...
2006 Grand Prix--like it matters?
Role Playing? Hell, I'm me, try role playing that!

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Whatever's comfortable and flare legged
I don't have any, I lose it too often
Whyte (language according to coolB)
ummm let's just say I'm from the south-let your mind wander
I was oriented, but I fell asleep, can someone tall, dark, & Sicilian
give me another lesson?