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Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)

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keeping my '03 V-Star Custom up and running! In North Houston Area

Born January 17th 1955, I will gladly age gracefully, as long as my bike will too.....
**I Believe*
I Stance for no one
Straight as an arrow>
2: Son John and Daughter Layla (yes, from Eric Clapton song, I was a hippy back then, yes....
**Will you be my Friend? Until the End?**

user name is "maggiemay" due to loved Ron Stewart back then too, plus it holds alot of memories for me. MY real name is truly:

Loco Louie (after 6 girls, my dad thought for sure I was going to be a boy, hence....LOUIE, kinda have gotten a little Loco in my Ol' age....hey, gotta have fun in these days! Life is short, do I get an Amen with that?