Quagmire (Bushsadam)

Quagmire (Bushsadam)

Quagmire (Bushsadam)
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A quagmire is the production of irregularity and fraud at its worst.
Most Americans like to think their military is a tool for preserving the freedom and well-being of people throughout the world. Generations of American soldiers have indeed performed noble and heroic feats in defense of these values.

However, since the earliest days of the nation, encounters with the US military have often meant death and destruction, as opposed to freedom and justice. From the American Revolution to the War on Terror, soldiers from every generation have taken part in atrocities of one form or another. If there is any hope for preventing American war crimes in the future, the past transgressions of the US military must be acknowledged and, when possible, the perpetrators brought to justice.

Published on 3 Aug 2014
Top 10 American War Crimes

Coming up:

10. The Balinga Massacre, Philippine-American War
9. No Gun Ri Massacre, Korean War
8. Gnadenhutten Massacre, American Revolution
7. Andersonville Prison, Civil War
6. Dachau Massacre, World War II
5. Azizabad Airstrike, the War on Terror
4. Kandahar Massacre, War on Terror
3. Abu Ghraib, the Iraq War
2. Wounded Knee Massacre
1. My Lai Massacre