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Age 0-17-Pacific Northwest, Quilcene.
17-present, Southern Ca.
currently Victorville.
September 27
Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)
Medically retired from Union Oil 76 as a tanker truck driver, 25 years Los Angeles Terminal.
03 Silverado indigo/charcol/converted to a IRS 3 wheel trike. 6* raked trees.Modified light bar/ 6" straight risers with 13" Flanders mini-ape/+8 barnett ss cables/all wires run through bars/Kury iso grips/chrome wideblade custom leather covered levers/clever lever throttle lock/after market rear brake pedal & linkage/floorboard extensions 3 inches forward and 15 degree tilt/kury chrome covers/ Tank side Jockey shifter/custom skull head shift knob. Barons Too Nastys exhaust shortened,/clear lens throughout/home ported intake/rejet carb/new thumb mixscrew/Thunder Hurricane air kit/ nemsis racing coils/ais removed/revmaster/ Landons custom braided leather grab bar/front fender rail/31 tooth steel front pulley. Winner 2011 Yamaha Virtual Bike for the month of April. Winner Trike class 2011 15th Annual Desert Thunder show Las Vegas.

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T-shirts, shorts, c'mon I live in SoCal.
I have died 4 times now and been brought back to life, first from Lori's quick actions and then from the ICD in my chest. Each time I did not see a white light or dead loving relatives with outstretched arms, or the Lord guideing me through the gates. UT OH.........MAN I'M SCREWED.
I'm an Irishman.
Nobody wants to hear my opinions. boo hoo
I like to be on the bottom/or top/or sideways/or standing/or..........
Engaged. the best relationship I have ever had.
2 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, 1 beautiful granddaughter.
Don't you dare put me in the ground when I am gone. Party hard and remember when.