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Upstate NY
March 7
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
same job 16 yrs, that's all that matters
"I have no time to find fault with others,
I have too many faults of my own.
While I, myself, may not know them,
I'm sure that to others they're known.
I have no time for idle gossip,
You see it may all be a lie,
And soon the story will die out
If everyone passes it by.
I have no time to listen to those who tell something to stir up strife;
Far better to tell of good deeds done,
And brighten the journey of life.
I have no time to be moody and lonely,
No time to be gloomy and sad;
It takes all my spare time planning
How I may help to make others glad."

Immature love says : I love you because I need you

Mature love says : I need you because I love you

Only conditional love is blind - true love allows us to see and love everything

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whatever I am in the mood for.
native american, irish, danish
Men only
im good with relations :)
If you want to get to know me then feel free to chat with me in the open room:),, dont be shy, I dont bite ;) well maybe sometimes...


Client List, hardcore pawn, Pawn Stars, Law and Order SVU
john wayne, Sam Elliott, Clint eastwood, Al Pacino, Robert DiNiro, Sandra Bullock
Country, Classic Rock, Rock
Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, G-N-R, Areosmith, Jimi Hendrix, Bon Jovi, The Who, Trace Adkins, George Strait, Alan Jackson
Nascar all the way!!!, Football
Falcons!, Jimmie Johnson #48 !!!
anywhere but home
BBQ food, italian food !