blondie (ShadwDancer)

blondie (ShadwDancer)

blondie (ShadwDancer)
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January 26

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I love clothes!!! But I love jeans, big T-shirts, an sneakers
not religious
not very political either
men only
Was in a relationship. Maybe i was dreaming, cuz he wont admit it.
yes, my kids are the greatest!!
my personal what?


I dont have time to read
I like all kinds of movies, depends on my mood
When i do watch tv, i like reality shows, cops and forensic files
Lots of em
r&b and hip hop
I love watching usher, I'd do him!!!
I like shooting hoops with my son, and going to major league baseball games
Nationals!!!! Yankees are cool too
Anywhere there is water, i love the beach
Japanese, chinese, chicken, seafood, steak, salads...oh shoot, how bout this i like almost everything but okra and liver