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DrElizabeth (ewriggs)

DrElizabeth (ewriggs)
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Atlanta GA area
October 13
Set your mind on following the path of the saints. Prefer a simple style of life; wear unremarkable clothes. Eat simple food; behave in an unaffected manner. Do not strut about as if you were important. Speak from your heart.
~ Abba Philemon

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too much
was auburn, now white
Russian Orthodox Christian
Recently discovered I'm 1/4 American Indian, but raised Caucasian
Conservative - very conservative
3; and 11 grandchildren; Plus 1 service dog (Emmy) and 2 Bombay cats (Lily von Schnort and Christi fur Columbus)
Check out my picture and bio on the PAALS Website (service dog organization)


Robert Heinlein; Mercedes Lackey; Anne MacCaffrey; Dorothy Sayers; Rex Stout; (among others)
Bible; Time Enough for Love; Body Trauma: A Writer's Guide to Wounds and Injuries; The Clan of the Cave Bear; The Cat Who... series; Well of Souls series; Tiger and Del series; Callahan's Crosstime Saloon series; Harry Potter series; Telzey series; ... and so it goes - more books than room to put in here!
professional journals
Calvin and Hobbes; On the FastTrack; For Better or Worse; Fox Trot
Early Disney; GWTW; movie of CATS; movie of RiverDance, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames and Celtic Tiger; early MGM musicals; Braveheart; any John Wayne movie, especially The Cowboys and The Shootist; both Fantasia movies; Galaxy Quest; The Chosen; movie of Chicago; Lord of the Rings; Lonesome Dove; Star Trek movies; and on and on and on!
Midsomer Murders; Star Trek - all of them; Shogun Miniseries; Shaka Zulu miniseries; Jesus Christ miniseries; any forensics program
John Wayne, Antonio Banderas; Catherine Zeta Jones; Sally Field; Julia Roberts; Robin Williams; Chris O'Donnell; Sean Astin; Sean Bean; Harrison Ford; Sela Ward; Liv Taylor; Anthony Hopkins; Anne Bancroft; Anjelica Huston; Robert Duvall; Tommy Lee Jones; Rick Shroeder; Danny Glover - and lots more
Classical (baroque, classical, some romantic); Russian and Serbian choirs; old folk; early classic rock; some "elevator" music
ice skating (watching, not doing)
Lake Chatooga, Lake Burton
anything and everything I'm not supposed to have