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Freeport, Tx
October 1
Engineering (Non-computer related)
2000 Dakota R/T Club Cab

-Hughes double springs
-MP M1 2bbl
-MP 1.7 Roller Rockers
-Hardened Pushrods
-Fastman 53mm TB
-MP Headers (Coated)
-PowerDemon 46RE
-APS 2400 TC
-NX 150
-Felpro 1008 head gaskets
-MP Magnum valve covers
-Transgo shift kit
-K&N Gen II
-Gutted 3" Cat
-3" Spin Tech 5441
-Falken Ziex 275/50/17's
-180° T-Stat
-MSD Digital 6 Plus
-MSD Blaster SS coil
-Optima Red Top
-MSD Superconductor plug wires
-Brass cap & rotor
-Hotchkis front coils
-Bilstein tuned shocks
-MT ET Street's

12.22@109.67 mph
1.720 60'

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