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I live in Tulsa OK. I grew up in Colorado just west of Denver in Lakewood. I was a member of the Westernaires from the time I was 7 until I was 17 they are on the internet if you need to know who or what they are about. I was in the Army and lived in Georgia for a year and a half while on active duty in the 2nd MASH 34th Med BN Ft. Benning GA 31905.
June 1
I like to go to movies, go fishing, go camping, hiking, climbing. ride motorcycles, drive. lots of other stuff
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Nothing :) I finished My AS in Business Systems Networking. Also have a General Ed AA with emphasis in Psycholgy. I am not an average guy.

Hey Don't send me email saying you like my profile and are interested in me. I have a wife, and even if I did not I will not respond to you at yahoo email or any other. catch me in chat if you want to talk to me.
striving to be ever better.

"Some people are alive, simply because it is illegal for me to kill them"
* If sex is a pain in the ass, then you're doing it wrong...
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Alternate Nicks: MrSinister but most often this is the nick I'm chatting under is DrFeelgood.
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Ginger of several shades
grungy clothes picked up from various clothing closets
I stand behind the president insofar as he stands behind this country. it in unpatriotic not to support him insofar as he does his job for the good of the country. Jobs are up, stock markets up, economy at an all time high. Trump may not be to your liking but he is a shrewd business man and has done a great job at turning the downflowing economy into an up flow. He is the first in 12 years to up the pay out for SSI and for our troops. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat I am an Independent. in other words I vote how I vote for whomever I think would best suit the job. I do not like the values Democratic Party is about. so I will not vote that way a single democrat in a state race or something I might consider depends on their stance on certain issues I deem as important to myself.
Married obviously. I do tend to flirt but I'm not looking to leave my wife its just flirting.
Son- Xavier born 2-13-2012
Daughter- Amethyst born 06-20-2013
I can be your best friend if you treat me right. Treat me wrong, I'll be your worst nightmare. I am thoughtful, considerate, intelligent, compassionate and honorable.

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I will post new links if I start streaming again.


First sign up for a api key then get this code, Get your own weather for Mirc